Do you have to pay taxes?

Taxes are the backbone that allows the government to maintain a stable society and infrastructure. It is the primary source of revenue for our federal and state governments. If you are a citizen that makes any source of income throughout the calendar year, then you will be subject to pay income taxes. If you own a property, have an estate, purchase goods and services, and/or receive payment for your services at any time, you must pay taxes to the federal and state governments. Failure to pay your taxes results in fines, and in the most extreme cases, failure to pay taxes can result in serving a prison sentence. It is one of the drawbacks with being a citizen of any society of the world, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to live in a country that is stable and maintained. Please keep in mind that you must qualify under at least one of the reasons listed above in order for you to be required to pay taxes. Taxes are paid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) before April 15th of every year.

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